Service & Maintenance Coolant Bleeding on the 2nd Generation Jazz

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    The Issue
    Bleeding air out of the system on the 2nd Generation Jazz is a tricky affair.Cooling system is very difficult to bleed once any repair has been undertaken on the cooling system. This can result in overheating, coolant level dropping overnight or gurgling/sloshing noises from within the heater matrix.

    The Fix
    The easiest way to resolve this issue is to use the “Snap on” coolant vacuum bleed and refiller tool. For this to be fully effective the coolant must be fully drained from the engine prior to the system being vacuumed. You will need to drain not only the radiator but drain the block as well, this will then allow the system to fully vacuum and remove all of the air from the system prior to refilling with coolant.

    Alternatively you can Leslie Spill free funnel and run the car to bleed the trapped air as shown on this thread Excellent Engine Coolant Bleeding Tool