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    I have a 2004 Accord Tourer 2.0l petrol which I've only had for 2 or 3 months. This is my first Honda and I am generally delighted with it, but I have one or two issues, a couple of which, having read your forums, seem to be known problems, EG condensation in the headlamps, 'sticky' tailgate. But a couple are a bit more of a concern. Firstly, when I have the auto climate control on, the cooling fans run intermittently - perhaps 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. This is very noticeable when standing still, stopped at traffic lights for example. I understand that this is quite normal, and certainly, when the auto is turned off, the fans don't run like this. However, with the auto climate on, it appears that the fans are running like this when driving. This becomes apparent when driving at night as the lights dim when the fans run, and brighten again when they go off, dimming and brightening every few seconds. Is this normal? I've had several cars with auto aircon and I've never seen this happening before. Should the fans even be coming on when driving, aircon on or not? The other concerning thing is very difficult to describe. When driving at a steady speed, urban or motorway, just cruising, barely using the accelerator, the car occasionally feels as though it is losing power or even braking. As I say it is difficult to describe, but it almost feels as though you are running into a sudden strong headwind, which when you put your foot on the accelerator, just as suddenly stops and away you go again. The revs don't seem to drop and you don't slow, but you get the impression that the car could even stall, which of course it doesn't. Sorry for the long-winded post. As you can maybe tell, this is my first forum and I'm not too sure of the protocols, but I would appreciate any advice.
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  2. Hi and welcome.

    I assume it's normal because mine does it too. As you say the revs don't drop and you don't slow so it doesn't bother me, although it would if it ever stopped doing it because then I would know something was wrong with my climate control.

    When I bought the car I had certain ideas about what I would like best about my 7th Generation. Two of the things I never even thought about were climate control and the quick windscreen clear button. Now I have bought it I think they are both brilliant and among the best features of the car.
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    Its normal is that behaviour after all the climate control has to kick in the aircon compressor and heater on a regular basis to maintain the constant ambient temperature.There can be variation between actual cabin temperature and sensor readings, but the sensors on the Honda are really accurate and you would find a variation of plus minus 2 degrees.Also to bear in mind the external temperature at this time of the year is 7 to 8 degrees so the aircon does not need to work too hard to maintain the temperature up.

    In our datacentres come winter our electricity consumption is halved due to free cooling via our chillers, can't see it be feasible for cars to have this as an added feature.