Electrical & Lights Correct Battery Code for 2.4 auto (2006) - its NOT 075 !!!

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    Been trying to fit a new battery to my accord as the old one is not holding a great charge.

    All the battery guides, EG Yuasas product guude, Halfords Website, and all the other battery-supplier websites say it should have a 075.

    I promptly ordered a Yuasa 075, and it doesn't fit. - Too wide to fit the battery tray, and even taking out the battery tray, its too wide to squeeze between the air-filter and headlight, and even if you squeeze the filter housing to one side slightly theres not eonugh room to get the holder-clamp rods down into their holes.

    The original battery is Honda branded and seems to be very narrow - approx 120mm-ish depending on where on the casing you measure it.
    So what is supposed to fit - I can't believe that I have to buy a genuine Honda battery for this car, there must be a correct battery code for it - clearly the info being given out to all the suppliers is wrong.

    it is a 2006 2.4auto EX tourer. has full main-dealer history and is non-modified.
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    What's wrong with a genuine Honda battery? They are going for £60 from here (Genuine Honda Accord 2.0 / 2.4 Ltr Petrol Battery-2003-2008 [31500ST3111HE] - £49.99 : Cox Motor Parts Direct - Genuine Honda Brakes Clutches & Accessories and you should be able to get it even cheaper from Holdcroft Honda. Pretty good price for OEM.

    Looks like YBX3053, YBX5053 could be the one to go for as the 7th Generation Accord is built in Japan. Yuasa battery finder | Yuasa Batteries

    They look right also: Yuasa battery finder | Yuasa Batteries
    - - - Updated - - -

    Could this be the right one? (and looks like the higher spec one also :Smile: )

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    Give Holdcroft a ring, did a genuine battery for £44 delivered.
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