Engine & Gearbox Correct unleaded fuel for KB1 Legend

Discussion in 'Honda C/J-Series' started by v6Echo, Tuesday 20th Aug, 2013.

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    Just acquired a Legend & have a query regarding the correct fuel. The handbook says to use premium or super unleaded of 95 RON or above but ok to use regular temporarily if 91 or above. So here is the question:
    My nearest regular unleaded is 95, so is that ok for continuous use or is there a reason other than the octane rating for using the premium/super? I'm thinking maybe they have additives that are needed that the regular does not give.
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    Thanks for the prompt response IchibanAccord.
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    Only ever used Tesco Momentum 99 RON.

    Nothing bet the best for my little baby lol. Used to always use V Power in my Accord but found it ran better on the Tesco Momentum.

    Still not tried V-Power Nitro in the Legend....will try on a tankful sometime and see how it compares.
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    I've tried all the super unleaded variants now, I find BP Ultimate > V-Power Nitro+ > Esso Supreme > BP/Shell 95 > Momentum > Supermarket 95.

    Don't ask me why, but my Accord ran suggish as hell on the Momentum 99 and it disappeared out the tank as fast as it was put in. Apparently the RON rating is bolstered by additives not purer fuel. I guess everyones mileage will vary.