Body, Paint & Styling Corrosion repaired by Honda Chiswick

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    My accord had some corrosion under the bonnet, so got it repaired at Honda Chiswick. Very impressed by the quality of the repair. Below and after pics. Due to having full Honda service history , Honda customer service contributed to cost with a contribution from me aswell.

    It's better than new car finish as it has clearcote on top of finish, so has glossy look. The whole hood came off, sound insulation and full repaint. I was thinking they would just touch it up. Good work honda Chiswick

    image. image.
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    Seems a common problem on 8th Generation Accords, may see my local Honda dealer about mine as it also has full Honda history.
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    Yes it's because they no longer clear coat the areas that you don't see easily.

    My white 8th Generation had rusty bonnet hinges at one month old. Honda bodyshop repaired it and covered the area in cavity wax so it wouldn't happen again.... It wouldn't have done if they clear coated in the first place and it can only save pence per car not doing so as they have to clear coat the bits you see anyway.

    I also had corrosion beginning on the seam in the offside rain gutter around the boot lid but I hand painted and lacquered it myself.
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    Mind Honda are only following other's lead in not clear coating the engine bay etc and Honda still are one of the better ones! Look at Insignia engine bay it's a mess and isn't even the same colour as the rest of the car ! BMW 3 Series just as bad apparently and I'm not even going to waste time mentioning Citroen!