Suspension, Steering and Brakes Couple of Queries

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    Hi Guys,

    I picked up the Accord Tourer 2.4 S-Type on Wednesday and have been very impressed.

    Couple of queries:

    1. Little bit of shaking/vibration during a certain speed...mainly between 70 -80. I am looking to get tyres all round and they will be balanced. I was also looking at a wheel alignment. Should this be done in any particular order, i.e. alignment then tyres or tyres then alignment.

    2. Little bit of creaking coming from rear when pulling on to drive (slight bump on entry to drive). Any ideas?

    3. Car pulls well, but when cold and driving sedately it seems a little jumpy (barely noticeable). I am looking at changing plugs, fuel filter, air filter and getting oil and filter changed. Any other pointers/handy hints and tips?


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    Tyres and tracking at the same time. don't skimp on cheap tracking it won't pay in the long term.
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    get new tyres then do alignment, creaking from the rear comes possibly from anti roll bar links, I replaced mine and it's quiet now :Smile:
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    Or it could be any one of the control arm bushings.
  5. Hi Gazz and welcome, congrats on the new car.

    The tracking was out on my Tourer when I got it, I just went to a good family owned tyre place and they corrected it at the same time as they put new tyres on.

    You can check the anti roll bar links by wiggling them and seeing if there is excess movement.

    I just tend to take it easy on my engine when cold as can feel tight and jumpy - I find it takes a good 5+ miles to warm up fully and before that I always hold back on it a bit.

    You might want to think about gearbox oil, brake fluid, clutch fluid, aircon recharge and maybe new brake discs and pads depending on how the old ones are. The fuel filter is interesting but if you look on my blog I've done a writeup of sorts on it.
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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for the responses. Will take the car in on Saturday for new tyres and balancing etc. Changed oil/filter, air filter and plugs. Still feels a little jerky in first and second when cold. One it warms up it is fine.


  7. Which tyres are you getting?
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    Hi SayamaAccord,

    I was just going to pop to local tyre company and get a middle of the road tyre. Any suggestions?