Couple of TV greats lost recently...

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    First George Cole - one of my fondest childhood memories was watching the black and white St.Trinians films with him as 'Flash Harry' and then later on 'Minder.'

    George Cole's coffin arrives to Minder theme tune - Home News - UK - The Independent

    Then Stephen Lewis. 'On the Buses' - what can I say? TV from a different era, youngsters just don't understand why it was so popular...:Grin:. The film where they end up in Windsor Safari Park (that's now Legoland, kids!) is just a classic...

    On the Buses actor Stephen Lewis dies | Television & radio | The Guardian

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    You got to love the On The Buses films! Also the Minder special in Europe when the police are chasing Arther who shouts to Terry "Oh my god its Interplod"
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