Accord/7th Gen Couple questions (CL9 - Type-S)

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    Afternoon Gents & Ladies if present.

    Got a few questions I would like answered so hopefully I can sort my issues out.

    Passenger window isn't working, When pushing the switch to pull the window down I hear a click from the passenger side door.. I've taken the door card off to see if I can source the problem, Everything is connected and no damage and nothing is blocking the runners or motor from working?.. So I'm assuming the motor is dead and need a new motor with scissors attached.. ( Is there anything I can do to check before splashing the cash on a new motor )

    Removing the rear door handles!? .. is there a guide or some sort or someone that has removed them before, I have a feeling that I need to remove everything including the glass to get to the handles .. Thought the fronts were hard enough but damn these rears!

    Brakes... Looking to replace the front and rear discs and pads and looking for options. As in, Whats the largest disc size you can run on standard caliper ( Front and Rear ) Before having to change them to larger Caliper I.E Brembos from the DC5.

    I'm also on the hunt for the rear drivers side (behind the rear bumper) section that plugs / connects the rear bumper on!? its that white plastic which is screwed onto the body of the car that clips the rear bumper on. well.. my clips are broken and the bumper just keeps popping off there!.. anyone know that that white plastic is called? or point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance (Y)
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