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    Whilst my diesel accord was having the air con radiator being replaced under warranty during the first channel tunnel and ferry strikes a few weeks back, I had a Jazz petrol model for a week. It sounded like an electric car, you couldn't hear the engine except at higher revs. And it was displaying avg MPG of 70! The fuel needle was at a qtr and didn't move after a week's worth of town driving. Amazing little car, missed my Accord tho' :gohonda:
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    There's a massive market for small economical cars, so good hear that Honda have got the Jazz right.
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    I think the Jazz is a fantastic car, but then again, I'm no spring chicken. :wheelchair:
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    They are a great little car but I quickly miss the Accord when I have one as a courtesy car
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    I love the Jazz, the economy is stellar - I've done 200 miles to Holdcroft Honda and back on £20 of fuel easily. Quite fun to grab by the :tut: and throw around too, but if I owned one as a runaround I'd have to lower her slightly.
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    I own a Jazz hybrid and it's no slow coach I can get rapid pretty quickly with electric at full whack there is plenty torque. I am consistent doing 55MPG to the gallon and 62 if I am lazy. I have left cars at red lights if you get the launch right but you run out of steam soon but it superb out of blocks and wins the holeshot.

    It the most underrated car if there was and it a brilliant all rounder and quite happy to use it daily in the city.
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    I've always been impressed by the Jazz when I've had one as well. Cracking little car :Thumbup:
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