Electrical & Lights Courtesy light won't turn off.

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by Harvey, Wednesday 25th Jun, 2014.

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    Today the electric aerial decided it didnt want to work again so went stripping the back apart to get at it. While doing this I noticed that the interior lights had stopped working, now I had replaced these with LED bulbs and they worked fine, until today when it blew the fuse. I replaced the fuse and it blew again!
    I removed all of the bulbs and inserted the fuse, it didn't blow. so proceeded to replace all of the bulbs until I found the culprit. Turns out one of the LED's was faulty, so replaced it. now all of the courtesy lights in the cabin will not go out at all, or even dim, even with the doors closed and standard bulbs put back in!

    Is there a control unit that controls the interior lights that could have become damaged? and if so, where is it located?
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    It may be a daft question, (I tend to ask daft questions) but is the cabin switch in the permanently on position, off or door switch setting ?
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    Daft questions are perfectly fine, so I shall explain this.

    position 0 - Off
    position 1 (doors open mode) - On, will not turn off when doors closed, locked/superlocked, ignition on/off, key in/out
    position 2 (on all the time) - On, all the time.

    I have done some googling and it seems that there have been people in my position before, after fitting LED lighting. It seems that I could have damaged the multiplex behind the fusebox on the passenger side. Honda Part # is 38850-S1A-G43
    Supersedes 38850-S1A-G41 & 38850-S1A-G42

    So hopefully off to the scrappy Friday for a replacement, unless anyone wishes to confirm.