General CR-V 2.2cdti Hesitation

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    I have a 2007 2.2cdti which has done 90,000 miles
    I've been experiencing a problem where the car seems to hesitate or hold back, almost like a misfire where there is a slight rudder. This happens when maintaining a constant low speed and always at around 1400-1700 RPM. If I let the throttle off or accelerate the fault goes. There are no warning lights, fault codes, smoke and when scanned no faults recorded. I have cleaned the EGR and pipework although there wasn't really anything to clean.
    I have read that the Frequency solenoid valve could be a possibility but does anyone know if this can be the fault even though there are no warnings or codes?
    Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Try cleaning the Mass airflow sensor, then that's something else you can take off the equation.
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  3. Zebster Guest

    I've just had a problem with my FSV causing hesitation (pretty much as you describe) but my Accord is a pre-facelift with an inferior Denso 446 type FSV. I did get an EML on rare occasions (P2004) but quite often my obd2 scanner would find a pending P2004 (but I don't think all scanners will find pending codes?).

    I confirmed the diagnosis by simply pulling the electrical connector off the FSV for a couple of weeks... The hesitation completely disappeared, although I did then get a permanent EML (P2008) and the general performance was a little 'flat'. I have since found that the problem was a blocked air admittance filter on the FSV and have improvised a replacement with a cut up dust mask and a length of plastic tubing! Sounds horrible, but it's now been working fine for the last 10 days with no hesitation and no pending codes.

    When you cleaned the EGR did you actually check that the valve was closing fully and without hesitation? You need to suck hard on the bellows, but I believe this is described in the forum guide to facelift model EGR cleaning.
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    And the MAP sensor... Some excellent forum guides are available on doing both these tasks.
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  4. Neil2482 Member

    That's great. I'll give that a try and let you both know how I get on.
    Yes I did check the EGR was closing fully, it appeared ok.
    I'll unplug the FR-V and clean the MAP and see if that stops the hesitation.
    Really appreciate the advice. Thanks
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  6. Neil2482 Member

    That's great.. thanks for the links.
    I disconnected the electrical plug to the Fsv this morning and drove to work which is a 32 mile run on A and B roads and the good news is so far so good. With the obvious mentioned exceptions of the EML and being a bit flat. I'll try the journey home and back to work in the morning and if still ok I will try the FR-V filter.
  7. Zebster Guest

    I believe your later engine has a remote filter on a Denso 480 FSV? Different to mine, but hopefully you can also improvise an alternate filter to see if that restores full functioning. Unfortunately I guess that the problem doesn't always have to be the filter though, and you may therefore have to fit a new FSV. They are quite expensive, for what they are...
  8. Neil2482 Member

    You're absolutely right, no filter! Shame!
    Yeah looks like £120 is the best price new. I've done 90miles now with it disconnected and no problems so seems promising.