Aftermarket Kit CR-V 2010-2012

Discussion in '3rd Generation (1986-1989)' started by Carper1804, Wednesday 18th May, 2016.

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    I have a 2012 model I believe gen3. I want to upgrade the looks with some chrome add ons. Looked on net at direct 4x4 and others but all have the same stuff. Any other places that offer something a little different to the normal.
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    @SpeedyGee @Ichiban

    Can this thread be moved to the CR-V 3rd Generation section please, it's been lost over here in General Discussion.

    @Carper1804 why not pop into the 'introduce yourself' section and tell us a bit more about your CR-V? Sorry this got missed, hopefully somebody will know something that might help or inspire you!

    I can't remember any threads about chrome additions for the 3rd Generation, but @Racy Jace did quite a few interior bits on his 4th Generation - I think mainly from eBay - he may be able to help?