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Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by Mike c, Monday 1st Jul, 2013.

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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Hi guys, just wondered what sort of mileage you get from the original tyres as fitted by Honda?
    My third gen has covered just over 16k in three years and they are still looking good.
    Looking at the wear to date I reckon they could last another 16k.
    What make of tyres did you last fit and how are they performing?
    Mike c
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    Hi Mike,
    You might want to change them because of age:Smile:!
    So over 30k miles? That'll be the same as me with the original Accord tyres (16 inches, 205), same engine as yours.
    I have Bridgestone Turanza's original. Car has 75k km now, but I'm not sure about the mileage of the current tyres as previous owner drove with wintertyres also.
    Some things I'd like to see improved: tyre noise, grip on wet and if possible a bit more sporty feeling when cornering (more direct steering would be great).
    Meanwhile I already bought new tyres: Dunlop Sport 230. Think I'll change to these in a month or six.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    I have always liked Bridgestone tyres and it is one of the manufactured I would consider when it eventually come round to changing the tyres. I have had a good look at the tyres to see if there is any sign of cracking, fortunately there isn't.
    Being the first AWD vehicle I have owned I have never used Bridgestone in this format. Presumably they do a good tyre for AWD vehicles?
    Having driven on the original tyres through the snow and ICE last winter I was suitably impressed with the OEM fitted tyres but it is always useful to hear of the experiences of other CR-V drivers .