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    Something that has been niggling me for a while on my CR-V is the lights around the speedo. With the Eco button pressed they are green (when not pressing the loud pedal too much anyway!)... However, if you turn off Eco mode, the lights go off... In the original brochure (page 22!) for the 4th Generation it shows the lights glowing blue when Eco mode is not on. Is this just a processing error on the picture or should I be able to somehow have the strips glow blue when not in Eco mode?!


  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    They glow blue when Eco mode is on and your not driving economically. With eco mode off those lights should be off I think. I'll check the Civic wen I go out later.
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    Hmm.. not seen mine go blue. Perhaps I'm not pushing it hard enough! The brochure seems to show blue lights without the Eco light on though, which would imply blue when not in Eco mode. Would be nice to have them on all the time, I quite like them!
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    Checked last night... lights go from Green to off when in Eco mode, and constantly off when not in Eco mode... No blue to be seen! I feel like I'm missing out!! :Rolf:
  5. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    When I switched off the Eco mode the lights stayed on (dark blue).
    This was on a Civic 2.2 I-DTEC though.
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    OK, thanks Speedy!

    Can anyone with a CR-V let me know whether they see green, blue, nothing or something else?!:Thumbup:


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    No sign of blue on my dash lights. On ECO mode there are green strips that stay illuminated if you are driving economically. At night, the dash lights are white. No semblance of blue at all.
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    Mine is the same - no sign of blue. I get the green if driving economically with the eco buttonon and white if not driving economically. No lights at all with the button off.
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    Ok, must be a mistake in the CR-V brochure I guess. Thanks for checking.