Aftermarket Kit CR-V 4th Generation seat covers

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    I would be grateful for any advice from forum members regarding 4th Generation seat covers. As a regular and very muddy mountain biker I am looking for waterproof covers for the front seats. I am not overly bothered about cheap stuff and am more concerned with good fit and waterproofing.

    I have seen them on offer for the 3rd generation model but, as a new owner, I am lacking the knowledge of whether the seats are the same shape/size.

    Many thanks for any guidance
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    Yup I was going say ditto as Zoran I did see some custom made covers for the CR-V today ,especially for the rear seats ideal for quick wash and wipe.

    Try HH team they have a offer on these rear seat covers.
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    Please upload some pics too, that would be great :Thumbup:
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    I bought the one Zoran advised and it arrived this morning, it is poor quality and i wouldn't recommend it. Also it is not wide enough to fit the CR-V 4th Generation seats so I can;t even post any pics I'm afraid. My old LR Discovery covers actually fit better so I am using them for the moment.

    Hopefully Honda will bring some 'proper' ones out.

    Anyone know if the size of 3rd Generation seats are the same as the 4th Generation seats because Cox motorparts Direct have the 3rd Generation covers?