General CR-V 97 updating to engine 2000

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    Norway Jack Aril ØRJE
    Hi anyone who knows about this : why the idleing on a Honda B20Z1 engine with Honda B20B3 s injection brain is getting raound 1500 rpm and goes up and down when cold only. No startproblem either . It stays around 1500 RPM until engine get full working temp-then it goes down to normal 600 RPM and stays there very stable !!! it axelerates great and no hesitating at all , when warm . I used the old intake tubes from the B20B3 engine on this B20 Z1 engine ( they are different on model 2000 and injections system from the B20B3. I also changed the distributor since this is also not the same. Anyone here who have done this change and can tell me what is wrong?
    My questions are :
    1) are the injection brains the same -or can maybe the old from the B20B3 engine be reprogrammed ? for the B20 Z1 engine- because if soI have to locate a new complet wire harness frominside the car and out into the engine room and also change both intake plenum and distributor as well ??
    2) Is the map sensor also different?

    Jack from Norway Scandinavia
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    When you mean by the injector brain you are using the ECU from a B20B3?
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    Norway Jack Aril ØRJE
    Yes. I am using the "old one" for B20B3. because the rest of my cables did not fit in with the intake and disributor for the newer engine B20 Z1, So , so far i am stuck with an engine that beaves irrgular as long as it is cold. So I thought maybe there are some differences in map sensor/intake plenum/distributor . or other things that do this.
    I was told that the engine should fit in ,but it obiviously does not do that 100%, My newer engine uses the old cables/brain/distributor from a 1997 B20B3 an the engine it self is from 2000. It sesm to me that there must be some differences when it comes to cold start only. So I should like to know if there are in example smaller differences in anything that has to do with the coldstart system . because otherwise when first warm it is excellent
    I need to know also because,when it comes to the every second year public car control i need to know if the Co2 is with in limits otherwise i am not allowed to drive on Norwegian roads
    and i will loose my liscense plates.
    so + any help to get or do i ahve to dig out a compete cables system fora 2000 model to get over with the problem. b ut do yuou also know if that can be done without effecting the startkey and door lock system as well ? or i have to change that too +
    All the best Jack
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    Is the IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) plugged in and confirmed to be working ?

    There's some small water pipes going the throttle body. From what I can remember of my first two Accords that have B20 motors in them, you can get trapped air in these two pipes which leads to hunting and irregular idle.

    Make sure those pipes are heating up, if they aren't then you have trapped air in those water pipes. Disconnect one pipe, let water trickle out and then reconnect it.

    Also sometimes you can get limescale buildup in the IACV. For this you would need to take the cover off the IACV and give it a clean.
    If I recall correctly you can do this without taking the manifold off totally.
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    I'm not sure. You would need to look at the pinouts for the ECU for both engines and compare them to each other.

    I doubt it.
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    Norway Jack Aril ØRJE
    Thank you so much I will check out tomorrow and I will of course notice you - I find thos water lines and give them a look
    thank you Jack
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    Norway Jack Aril ØRJE
    I ended up with all the workshop manuals from my local Honda dealer since they could not help me very much.But so far I am still refusing to give up. I have the old computer for the B20 B3 And al electronic that came from my original in fact found it was a 98 model with a "W" in the chassi number-it could not have been a 97 since that year it was only automatic as far as I could read from the books.Then I open my car and picked out the PCM and found thaI had connector A 32 pins - not blank at connector B (should have beena 25 pins) -I have the connector C 31 pins and the connector D 16 pins. Then I checked with the PCM from 2000 and it had conntor A 32 pins + Connector B 25 pins +connector C 31 pins but blank at conntor D- and acodirn to the information hte books connector D was only if the was automatic. However a lot of the positions from connector A went to connec tor B and also from C back to A -I will sort it out tomorrow .
    My questions is not with the PCM which I think in fact I am able to handle, BUT there was one light intensiv green connector lying out side the PCM and anothe smaller box -It seemd like it in one way was såpliced and dissappeared inito to the upper part of the dash .Do you think that can be cricitcal if i change the right side engine wire harness from the PCM and out into the engine room-and put in the new PCM and of course also changes the distributor and the inlet manifold as well. I ask because i am a bit worried about the the left engine room wire harness -
    because in my car there are 2 extra more wires into the connector that is fixed to the chassis just inside left damper tower,?
    Becausei am also wooried abou this grren connector to mayb also can affect my start key and and car door locks or other problems.
    *By the way someone who knows the difference betweenthe 2 engines B20 Z1 and B20Z3 -can they maybe haved used the same cable net regarding igintion and injection adn PCM ?
    sorry to bother you Jack