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    :Thumbup:Getting our CR-V tonight, (2006 2.0 VTEC) thanks to a kindly neighbour who's driving it over. Wifey doesn't know: she thinks it's being delivered on Thursday....The first thing I need to do, and hopefully the only thing, is ditch the fairly hopeless audio system and swap it for something more modern, preferably with Bluetooth for phone use. Any suggestions please and are there any 'Honda' idiosyncrasies I need to know about? :Smile:

    Many thanks.
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    I had a Pioneer double-din unit in a non-Honda car a couple of years back. Touchscreen, satnav built in, bluetooth, played DVDs, USB connectivity- the works. Cost a fair bit, but then you get what you pay for :Thumbup:

    If I ever needed to buy an aftermarket unit again, it would be Pioneer and nothing else. Sooner glue my ears shut than use something else.
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    Can hardly remember, is it a double DIN in the CR-V?
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    For a 2006 CR-V I think so yes.

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    I had the F900BT system, very similar to what this one is. Very high end product, with high price to match, but worth every single penny considering what it can do.
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    Decided to keep the same head unit. I'll just stick a Parrot phone kit in it for now.
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    if you are fitting a parrot kit please do a DIY for others and enter our DIY of the month award.