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    In 2008 I bought a new 2 litre petrol CR-V. Within 18 months it had developed quite bad clutch judder in first and reverse gears. The dealer (Brown Brothers Peebles) got permission from Honda to remove the engine and inspect the clutch. The mechanic told me that the plate looked as if it was only making point contact, which makes me think that it must have been buckled or deformed in some way. The dealer replaced the flywheel, clutch cover and driven plate. When I got the car back it seemed fine. However, within another 18 months the clutch judder was back. The dealer checked everything external that they could but said all looked fine. They said that the petrol engine had quite a light bottom end and that I probably needed to use just a few more revs in first and reverse, not something I would have expected to do in a car of this quality. I suspect that the new driven plate was distorted like the first one. I have kind of driven round the problem ever since by using a few more revs, but now that the weather is getting colder the clutch judder is getting worse again and I am getting anoyed. If I start off gently in second the judder is less noticeable, probably because I am putting a bit more load into the clutch. I started out my working life as a car mechanic and have changed more clutches than I care to remember over the years. I have driven and owned pre war cars, classic cars and even single seater racing cars, but I have never had such a bad clutch as on my CR-V. The question is, is this a common problem with CR-Vs or I have I got a 'Friday car'. I would welcome your response. My next car is unlikely to be a Honda at this rate.
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    Welcome to HK alant. Please feel free to introduce yourself here Introduce Yourself • Honda Karma and look forward to seeing some pics of your car in the Club Garage.

    I do not own a CR-V, so I cannot answer your question directly, however it certainly doesnt sound normal behaviour to me. I am sure someone more qualified than me will be able to assist you with this further.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma, @alant.

    I'm not aware of clutch judder being a common on the petrol CR-Vs. I certainly haven't heard of CR-Vs going through clutches/pressure plates at a rate of one every 18 months.

    Did the clutch pedal "feel" OK once everything was repaired last time ? I'm wondering if the actual root cause wasn't captured last time and only the symptoms were fixed ?
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    Hello and welcome, Clutch judder is common when you tow sheds on wheels or heavy loads. Do you do that ?
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    In my opinion you should never be getting this sort of trouble on a newish CR_V or any modern car come to that. If it was mine I would probably find a good independent garage and ask their opinion on possible causes and a price for a strip down investigation. If they are worth their salt they will come up with a solution which would be affordable. Auto all the way for me, mine feels a very solid bit of kit.
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    After the clutch was replaced the car was fine, but the clutch judder gradually came back. Sometimes the judder is worse and other times it's not too bad. If it was a pedal assembly or hydraulics fault I think the judder would be consistent. The car has never been used for towing and I am pretty light on clutches, I have never wrecked one out in 50 years. I did wonder if there was some sort of engine management problem which was making the engine die momentarily when any torque was applied at low revs and that started the judder as using higher revs (about 1700rpm) usually gets me off to a smooth start. As an experiment the other day I slipped the clutch gently to warm it up and then left the car for 24 hours. The next time I used it it seemed better. My thinking here is that if the clutch driven plate is distorted, heating it up and then clamping it flat might flatten it out. I'll let you know if this is only a temporary fix.
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    I got this with my 6th Generation accord after having the clutch replaced, The whole car would shake. Never got to the bottom of it I'm afraid. My CR-V DIESEL I have will do it if I don't give it enough revs when pulling away briskly but nothing like the accord though.

    Hope you can resolve this as I am interested to find out what it is.
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    I just thought I should let you know that my wheeze of momentarily slipping the clutch to create a bit of heat and leaving the car for 24 hours has made a remarkable difference. I have been driving it around for a month since trying this solution and the clutch judder has pretty well gone. I will keep you posted.
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    Ah cool, sounds like you had a glazed clutch.
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    When I purchased my 2010 CR-V with around 13k on the clock I noticed clutch judder and took it back into the dealership for rectification. At first they said they couldn't get the car to display the problem. Fortunately I drove the car with the tech guy in the passenger seat and it happened. Honda agreed to strip the clutch and found that there was high spots on the clutch plate. They changed the clutch assembly and it was fine. The car has now done just over 22k and I have noted a very slight judder since the weather has chilled down a bit. It is no where as bad as before but
    I am monitoring the situation. The idea of slipping the clutch to get it warm is interesting I would be interested to see how long it works for. I agree with Steve this sort of problem should not be even considered on this type of vehicle of these ages.
    Mike C
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    When the Honda dealer stripped my clutch down under warranty they said that the plate looked like it was only making point contact, which sounds very like your high spots description. It would be interesting to know how widespread this problem is. My experiment of warming the clutch worked well - for about three weeks!