Aftermarket Kit CR-V ebay accessories non genuine.

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    Obviously the genuine accessory parts fit the best but cost more or are just not made for the CR-V ie speaker rings. This thread is to compile a list of parts that people have bought, fitted and are happy with.

    If you add a picture and link to the items we should get a nice list of parts.

    All my items have been documented in my garage section and how I fitted them.

    There might be cheaper sellers so please search your self as prices can vary over time

    For Honda CR-V Vezel 2014-2015 Chrome Door Window Switch Lift Button Cover Trim

    Stainless inner Door Speaker Audio Ring Decoration Trim For Honda CR-V 2012-2015

    The ex comes with chrome handles as standard. If your car does too just search for the bezels on their own. I got carried away and just bought them.

    new Chrome ABS Interior Door cover trim For Honda CR-V CR-V 2012 2013 2014 2015


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    If you look in my project log you'll see more info there.

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    Inner Boot protector

    £24 delivered


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    I bought the boot lip protectors, NS OK but OS not a good stick and keeps flicking off. Will sort it soon, but it otherwise does the job.
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    It sounds like the mould is slightly out if it's like what I described in my project log. I was going to force it down but when a I stood back and looked at it at different angles it looked prefect so I left it.
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    It might be polish on the trim not cleaned enough. I've got some number plate sticky pads that should do the trick, as the forming looks to be OK.
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    Racy Jace, I still haven't found your project log. Not sure how to access it.
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