Daily Driver CR-V EX 2.0 auto with creme leather.

4th Generation (2013-2017) vehicle added by Racy Jace, Saturday 16th Jan, 2016

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    Congrats Jace you got s good looking motor and kudos to you to stick with Honda and not joining the German bandwagon.
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    Thanks CJ the alternative was a Mazda 6 estate petrol which I really liked but when I added all the pros and cons the Honda CR-V still made sense especially as it has 4x4. I ended up spending more than I wanted but my work journeys are so much more relaxing now which is great. I know its Swindon built but hey I can't have everything. I was surprised at how well the CR-V handles through twisty B roads. It felt quite sporty and didnt seem to roll or wallow The speedo says the car picks up speed well even if I can't feel the acceleration. I got to over 80mph easy enough and when cruising its the RPM is nice and low so the cabin is fairly quiet.

    I've just drilled out the front led covers and will document later.
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    I tried to fit some parts yesterday but I think the cars covered in silicone spay. I used an alcohol wipe which didn't seem to do much. This morning the parts have still stuck.

    I think they look good but need to stick better as the grill vents are slightly deformed.

    I've some white vinegar to try to take the silicone off. It best work or my car will just smell like a chip shop!

    20160123_114548. 20160123_114545. 20160123_114537.
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    This is also on the way. :Grin::Grin:

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    I attempted to fit some more bling but I had mixed results when fitting. The chrome parts fit and stick really well which are the door card strips and the air control cover. Though I think air control cover could do with being repaintd matt or wrapped in brushed steel. It fits nice though. The other matt finished items are a bit bent and just about fit ok. Except for the rear centre vent cover. That's a f king waste of time.

    I used a bottle of elbow grease which worked great except for the speaker covers. I even tried white vinegar but no joy. I need to find that member who's fitted them and ask how he got them to stick. I've some double sided carpet tape that may have stronger adhesive so I'll try that when I can muster the energy back up.

    Over all I think they improve the look of the car but to get a perfect finish you may want to reprofile the edges and repaint some parts.

    20160124_124737. 20160124_125611.

    The other to vent on th drivers side doesnt fit well
    20160124_125736. 20160124_125626.

    This doesn't seem to be working!

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    Foot well led mod.
    Time: 5 mins.
    Skill level: None.

    Tools need:
    Small flat screw driver. Ie electrical screwdriver.
    Drill and drill bit.

    For this mod everything clips off and unplugs. You then just drill a hole and put the thing back.

    Start on the passenger side first. Under neath the glove box there's a small black panel with the led in it.

    Carfully pull it down.

    The power cable is still attached so don't yank it.

    Using the small flat screwdiver push the release catch on the led and it unplugs it freeing the hole panel.


    The led holder has a twist lock on it. It rotates a quarter of a turn to release it. Can't remember which way.

    20160117_150836. 20160117_152011.

    If you don't have finger nails use the screwdriver again to unclipped the black cover on the led holder.

    Drill a hole. Set the drill in reverse otherwise the bit bites into the plastic and spins it round. It's so much safer this way.

    Put cover back on. Plug it in and re fit the panel.

    The drivers side has a twist lock on the main panel. Undo that and the whole process is the same.

    20160117_152552. 20160117_152526.
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    More bling that I can highly recommend. Fits nice and looks smart.

    20160124_155942. 20160130_145424.
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    Another impulse buy this morning.

    - - - Updated - - -
    Do you ever have trouble sticking things to the interior of your car once it's been covered in silicone? The answer is 3m fastbond 30nf. It's a waterbased liquid that turns to rubber.

    A thin layer will dry clear. If it's too thick it will start going greenish. It's waterbased so any dried excees just rubs off with a finger or wet cloth.

    Wipe a thin layer over the area.
    Wait for it to dry clear. Use a hair dryer or blow it to speed things up.
    Stick your item down.
    - - - Updated - - -
    20160207_135919. 20160207_135624. 20160207_142948.
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    I'd also like to point out that the plastic bling can be removed if you wish afterwards. Any 3m fastbond will easily rub off.

    I used this stuff years ago to stick some tweeters on the dash of my Primera as nothing would stick. When I came to remove them I couldn't believe how good the bond was as it was well stuck. I then just wiped over with some glass cleaner and the dash was like new again.
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    Looking good Jason
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    I've got a few other things to go on but the biggest thing will be the bumper and grill. I just hope it looks good when it all comes together.
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    United Kingdom Brett Bristol
    I think Jason if I ever sell my accord this is what I will be getting :Smile:
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    Rear Ambiant Lighting. £2.39

    The lights only come on with the engine. I probably won't bother hooking them up to the existing lighting now as I'm happy enough with the as they are.

    The LEDs rotate which helps set them up. They're not even taped down. Passenger side fitted nicely between the rubber mat and subwoofer. Drivers side are layer on the floor as far as they can go. The LEDs then rotated to shine on your feet.


    20160218_174138. 20160218_174132.

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    Chrome door handle trim.

    The EX has chrome handles as standard so I only needed to fit the bezels. I used the 3m fastbond and a hair dryer to fit them.

    20160214_143254. 20160214_145240.

    This fitted fine but I've had to email the seller as the door handle bezels came in 2 sets. The one set had a curved profile the other was flat.
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    Awesome work! It is amazing the things you can do to spiff up an automobile these days. Everything looks professionally installed, but I bet you saved a lot of money doing it all yourself. If you don't already do this for a living, you might wanna consider it.
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    Thanks @KIrby. Now I've managed to get them to stick I'm much happier with them. To get a professional finish though, I'd probably repaint some of them chrome or vinyl wrap them brushed metal to get things to tie in better. The car already had a brushed metal and chrome theme in the car as standard.

    I just thought I'd be the guinea pig and see what the fits like and what I'd do to improve things.

    The doors look perfect now and I thoroughly recommend all the trim I've put on.

    I bought some chrome fog covers that would of looked smart as well but I then found a genuine aero bumper instead so I'll have to sell them now.

    I also didn't realise I had chrome door handles as standard so they need to go and I've a spare rear air vent trim which actual does look good when fitted.

    I think the rear ambient lighting for £2.39 is the best value mod you can do too. I just need readjust them as they're lighting up my rear seats a bit too much.
    - - - Updated - - -
    The big black window switch panel needs covering in something. I've seen black self adhesive leatherette which would really look good if it stretches round the curved bit.
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    I've updated the rear led pics.

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    20160223_174102. 20160223_174035.
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    To fit the inner boot protector on this cold morning I used the 3m fastbond 30 again. I had to use a hair dryer as id put to much on and it was too cold to go off quickly.

    I've a video I'll add later.


    I'm really pleased with the £24 purchase.
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