Body, Paint & Styling CR-V Ex or EX-T worth the diffrence ??

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    Hi I have been looking for a car for sometime now, however after a call from a local dealer offering a great deal think am going to make the jump this weekend, however with £1500 pound difference which one would you go for? both of them are on a 10 plate
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    Apologies missed this one

    CR-V T grade cars have a new and updated integrated Satellite navigation unit (Si-T Pioneer AVIC-F930BT ). The SSD unit currently fitted have been phased out with the new SD unit with the following features and benefits

    6.1” WVGA touch screen
    Mapping for 34 EU countries
    Traffic message channel (TMC)
    Bluetooth HFT
    Bluetooth audio streaming
    USB & AUX input
    Voice command

    See attached user manual for it :Thumbup: View attachment 4518