Engine & Gearbox CR-V final drive ratio

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by excel monkey, Friday 22nd Feb, 2013.

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    Have had my 2nd Generation petrol CR-V for about six weeks now, and am very pleased with it overall.

    One thing I miss is a 6th gear. The car is fairly noisy at motorway speeds and I often find myself reaching for an extra gear when I join a motorway or fast dual carriageway. The gearing in 5th seems to be roughly 21mph/1000rpm.

    Is there any way of changing the final drive, to give taller gearing? The obvious suggestion would be to swap with the diesel CR-V, but I suspect this would be too much of a jump in final drive ratio, and the petrol would struggle with such tall gearing. Are there any other options? Use the final drive from the 2.4 (K24) Accord maybe?

    Suspect none of these options are really viable, and the reality is that the job would be costly and a ballache to do, with probably not as much benefit as I imagine. Pity we never got the 2.4 engine in the 2nd Generation CR-V, like they did in the States!
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    TBH leave it as it is it not a car as per say its a 4x4 . I used to have this problem on my 7th Generation 2.0 SE tourer it was a 5 speed box . On 15 inch wheels and motorway speeds it wanted a 6th desperately but you never had to drop two gears to get a torque drive...

    Upgraded to 17 inch wheels it made it better by lowering the engine RPM by a tad.