Bulletins & Advisories CR-V i-DTEC RE6 ECU Software Update

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    Honda have announced as for the Honda CR-V (3rd Generation) I-DTEC the RE6 will require it ECU updated with the latest ECU software updates.

    What are the Symptom?
    DPF warning lamp illuminated. (Permanently on or flashing) Oil level may have increased before scheduled oil

    The Fix ?

    Software changes to improve DPF performance, especially in cold climates, and reduce any occurrence of increased engine oil level. Honda dealers have been instructed to carry out repair to any vehicle with DPF lamp
    illuminated or increased engine oil level.

    The Repair Method
    1. Update engine ECU with latest software Database
    2. Replace engine oil and oil filter.

    Note: As for all Honda diesel vehicles fitted with Diesel Particulate Filter the engine oil should comply with ACEA C2/C3 standard.

    All diesel CR-V owners should ring and check if your car is affected all Honda dealers will be ready to assist.