General CR-V in the latest issue of 'Dream' magazine

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    It's good to see the CR-V featured in this way but wouldn't it be even better if he was included on a TV advert?

    Here's a strange one. I received, within 25 minutes, two different e-mail copies of the October issue. Do you think I've been targeted as a possible CR-V buyer, so they're trying to better me into submission?
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    As an Accord owner, and with no Accord replacement, there could be something in their database to target you for the CR-V - but also probably the HR-V and Civic Tourer as well... you may be getting more e-mails from Honda over the next few years!
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    Honda tv advertising is absolutely rubbish with HR-V TV add being latest example of this.
    When I took this up with my Honda salesman he said that in presentations Honda UK know they spend only a fraction of cost that other manufactures spend on advertising in general. Local dealers are also regimented by Honda UK on local advertising, bit like a communist state no initiative allowed.
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    ^^Absolutely right @tomwillie . How on earth is the potential customer supposed to be aware of Honda products if Honda don't tell them? However, I do quite like this one:

    And the CR-V 'perspective' one was ok too - but only 'ok.'

    However, neither of the above come close to these:

    On the subject of local dealers, Crown Honda get coverage quite often in the Watford Observer when they are doing charity events, new car launches etc. That can only be a good thing.

    Crown Honda raises upwards of £4,000 for Watford Mencap (From Watford Observer)

    Jazz & HR-V Launch Time at Crown Honda (From Watford Observer)

    Local car dealership Crown Honda Hendon has just celebrated its fifth birthday (From Watford Observer)

    Crown Honda does its bit for Shooting Star Chase (From Watford Observer)