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    Hi All

    I am new to this site, just signed-up today. A bit of history - My wife has had her Jazz CVT Petrol since new in 2005 and very happy with it, she only uses it twice a week mainly for shopping and therefore only 18K miles so far. I run a Lexus GS300 Auto Petrol 3.0L (traditional auto box) which is 8 years old with 55K miles on the clock. My wife is unable to help with the driving on long journeys when we use the Lexus as she is not very tall and can't get into a comfortable driving position. We are looking to change the Lexus for an SUV as we quite like the idea of the raised seating position and the ease of getting in and out of the vehicle as we get older. We want petrol and automatic transmission but there are very few around (mostly diesel). The Lexus RX and NX are too expensive, the Qashqai only has a 1200cc engine which I don't think is powerful enough for the size of car especially with the CVT box. We've had a test drive in the new HR-V 1.5 petrol CVT but it didn't hit the spot for me, obviously been spoilt with the 3.0L Lexus! Now thinking about having a test drive in the new latest model CR-V EX 2.0L petrol auto. So, I'd like to hear from forum members who own this vehicle, what they think of it, have they had any problems, what is the 2.0L petrol auto combination like to drive, is it a traditional auto or CVT? and any other information you think might help me decide what to buy. Many thanks in anticipation.
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    @staff please could this thread be moved to the 4th Generation CR-V section?

    Welcome to HondaKarma @ForeverYoung :welcome:

    As @Ichiban notes, I have a new (pre-facelift) CR-V 2.0 litre petrol/auto. If you click on my garage entry at the bottom of this message, you can see what it looks like and a few notes on it.

    Mine is now the third such CR-V in my extended family, after I recommended my sister to go and look at one to replace an unreliable Audi A6 3.0, I then bought one the same as I was impressed, and another member of the family also got one last either we are all insane (possible) or there are good reasons to buy one!

    To answer some of your questions:

    - It is a traditional 5 speed auto gearbox. The motoring media often criticise it for not having enough ratios and for being old fashioned, but it is a smooth and reliable box, with ratios well suited to the engine. It is calm and relaxing to drive.
    - Getting in and out of the car is very easy as the doors open nice and wide, and it is virtually a 'walk in' position. I am only 5'6 and find it very comfortable to drive - the steering wheel is adjustable for reach and height, as is the seat. There is masses of space inside, and the car is immensely practical.
    - I get an easy 40mpg on a run, but only mid-20s MPG around town.
    - It isn't a quick thing, and your impression of performance will depend on what you are used to and how you drive. Some have criticised it for being too slow, but I find it fine. The only time I have found it to struggle was joining a motorway on a short and uphill slip road - but it does kick down readily and people who have been in mine have been very impressed with performance for such a big car. My sister found the transition from a 3.0 litre diesel Audi A6 a bit of a shock at first, but after a few days didn't notice and finds the performance absolutely acceptable.

    In summary, I find it quiet, comfortable and refined, especially for long journeys. However, there have been a couple of members on here who haven't agreed - one found the wind noise from the door mirrors an issue, another felt that it had too much road noise. TBH that left a few of us on here a bit baffled, but people have different expectations and experiences, so a thorough test drive is essential.

    Issues wise, the front doors often aren't perfectly aligned out of the factory (I know, what on earth...!) but it is a quick and easy adjustment at the dealer. There were also a few issues with paintwork on cars in late 2014-early 2015, where staining was caused by the protective plastic wrap applied at the factory, but this was a small number of cars and all will have been fixed by now (it was a pretty minor issue TBF).

    Have a look through some of these threads, which may be useful. Any other questions, just ask! @Zoot - anything to add?

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    Hi @ForeverYoung - @FirstHonda has given an excellent report on the pre facelift petrol auto and there's nothing I can really add except I have the diesel 2.2 EX alto model which as you would expect has plenty of torque. I've had mine from new in March this year and love the car. Hope this helps.
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