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    Not a very long clip, but considering the terrain I'd say this off road performance is pretty impressive :Smile:

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    Croatia Davor Kutina

    this video also shows what CR-V can do. It`s not hard core off-road but OK when you need it.
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    thanks for sharing the vids.
    nice watch
    when i took my CR-V into a wettish field and done some hooning about i thought it was more than capable in coping with other terrain than road.
    would love to try it on a proper 4x4 session day but there is nothing over in NI that facilitates this and if there is i think its for the more capable 4x4's out there
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    Possibly a stolen CR-V the way thats been driven more like..
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  5. FirstHonda Premium Member Club Supporter

    ^^Or a hire car...:lol: