General CR-V spare rear wheel position, and some model advise.

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    Hi, was there an official year that the CR-V stopped having the spare wheel on the exteria of the vehicle, and also please excuse my lack of knowledge but i have noticed there are quite a few modles " v tec, cdti, sport,ex,se, ECT " which is better whats the differnce,thanks.
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    The last one to have the exterior spare wheel was the last of the 2nd Generation (2006/07). There are two engines VTEC which is a 2.0l petrol and the CTDI which is a 2.2l diesel. The other letters denote the trim spec with the SE being the base EX being the better equipped. Within the EX spec there is also Sport and Executive models.
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    Thank you very much, thats really helpful just what i needed to know.