Exhaust System Cracked exhaust manifold - a solution

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    The only serious problem we've had with our Accord was a crack along the weld on the exhaust manifold, a common fault with the pre facelifts I believe. I contacted my local dealer in the hope it could be done under the extended warranty (7 years or 125,00 miles) but although it was within the mileage (116k) it is 10 years old so they wouldn't do it but offered to replace it for £599.
    Not to be defeated I decided to contact Honda UK and see what they said. I explained that I was concerned about the health and safety (fumes in the cabin) and that if it's a known fault, for which the warranty was extended, then surely they should be obliged to carry out the repair. They wrote back to me with a reference number and told me to take the letter to my local Honda garage, which I did, and for them to phone Honda UK. I chatted with the service manager & he asked me what I was willing to pay towards the repair, I had a figure in mind, then he suggested £200, to which I agreed (far less than what I had thought about!) After some negotiation between the service manager and Honda UK they offered to replace the manifold for the cost of 2 hours labour (£180). Honda paid for the parts and 6 hours labour. So if you have this problem then contact them, they will always try and help you out!
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    Gill Lancaster
    I must add by the way, our Accord has near complete service history, not all Honda though. Not sure if that made a difference to the end result...
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    Good work.

    I had a similar situation and also got a favourable result in the end. Both Honda UK and the dealer were excellent.
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    Glad to hear that Honda looked after both of you.
    Full Honda service history is pretty much paramount for a good will fix.
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    It is good to read examples of how Honda have helped, even when out of warranty. It proves our argument, that they do care.
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    Good result! I've got a potential bill of at least £1,500 coming my way I'm sure so hopefully I can strike a deal also. A clutch going at 75K miles I can accept but not a flywheel, even if it is a dual mass.