Engine & Gearbox Cracked manifold or sticking EGR?

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    My accord has a an exhaust fume smell after start up or if the engine is stood at idle for a while. Note I don't believe it happens every time or the smell strong enough to notice. I have put my head under the bonnet at the back if the engine and can smell it after start up. Possible cracked manifold...?

    I have another issue though that maybe related. The car will start no problems sometimes, other times it will take a few turn overs, fire, shudder, then run fine. For example it usually does this after 8-9 hours of not being driven, when I leave work. The strange thing is it can often start with less trouble in the morning for work after not being driven for 14 hours. I have read on here about starting issues being related the EGR, so that got me thinking it could be that causing the fumes and poor starting.

    I would appreciate any feedback or advice others may have. Cheers
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    Could be an injector seal ... Had any work done recently ?
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    Tbh I have only had the car about 3 weeks, I'm unaware history wise if any work has been carried out that may cause this. What type of work would you expect to have caused a leaky seal?
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    Timing chain been replaced ?
    Im only speculating as i just had my chain replaced which involved taking the injectors out ... i noticed on test drive i could smell fumes too, Turns out the mechanic buggered the seal putting one of the new injectors in. Have a look under the engine cover to see if you can see soot around one of the injectors or if you can hear or feel anything coming out ... Just a guess..
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    Again it's not in the history the chain has been done, also Honda have no record of it being done when looked after by them. I'll take a look as soon as I can at the injectors, silly question but will the problem be really obvious to see/hear?
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    Any news on this Mike ?
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    I put some injector cleaner through it the other day. Not sure but seemed better at start up... but it could of been down to the warmer weather. The fume smell is still there, although I don't think it's that bad, only when at a stand still for any length of time you can really smell it.

    As i'm no mechanic I was hoping others could offer their experiences and advice
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    Just an update. I've had a mechanic check over both the EGR and the manifold. The EGR appears to be fine, however when he took the heat sheild off the manifold there was a load of black soot (on the drivers side). He also said he could see it blowing, so probably cracked.

    So next question is where do I stand with regards to this extended warranty? My car is an 04 with 106k on the clock. I have read through the thread on this issue but is my car inside or outside the warranty cover?

    Any advice would be great... Cheers
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