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    I'm so glad that I got up in the middle of the night to watch England thrashed by Australia and New Zealand.

    At least I wasn't surprised to see them lose to Bangladesh this morning. Shambles.:Whiteflag:

    Other countries play the game like they are enjoying it. We play like we are terrified. Where did it all go so wrong...:disagree::disagree::disagree:
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    I think England should be placed in the associate list of cricketing countries, Ashes well don't even go there this summer the stadiums will be empty as we know what going to happen.
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    Just shows how much we miss Kevin Pieterson and Graham Swann.

    KP has been one of the stand out players in the "Big Bash" in Australia, and we let petty politics stop us from selecting him. We got exactly what we deserved.

    Moores out!
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    I wasn't expecting this result at all. The target set by Bangladesh should have been chased down easily :no:
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    Geoff Boycott on radio 2 this morning giving his verdict called today match a "Formality" lol egg on your face
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    We've totally failed to build on the great performances we had in those successive Ashes victories.

    Failure to manage Kevin Pieterson effectively. We've allowed cliques within the team to fester - Prior, Broad, Strauss etc.

    We took far too long to drop Cook from the one day side, even though it was obvious for months that he isn't comfortable in that form of the game at international level. Hayles has been in and out of the team. There is no front line spin bowler. Anderson and Broad have been brilliant, but are coming to the end of their time.

    There is no Stokes, even though he seems like (finally) a natural replacement for Flintoff. Politics again. Regardless of anything we NEED TO PICK OUR BEST :tut: PLAYERS.

    Sack the selectors, and sack Moores. He's had two goes at the job now - time to go.

    Build a young team around Root (captain), Ali, Buttler and Stokes. And do it FAST...:brickwall::brickwall::brickwall:
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    cricket I just don't get it :dunce:
  8. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Our players have no passion or drive to win.
    They are not picked on merit.
    This rot starts in many of the local clubs.
    They are paid too much to loose.
    Basic pay should be a pittance.
    Full pay, only if they win!
    As for our 'leaders/selectors' :wheelchair:
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    ^^ Glad to see that the England selectors read HondaKarma and took my advice last year...:Wink:

    That was a great T20 final this afternoon, albeit England lost at the death. Stokes rather choked in that final over - the pressure got to him I think and he drifted onto leg - but even so the hitting from Braithwaite was immense!

    Onwards and upwards...:zen:

    ...after all, that was SO much better than the last 50 over World Cup. This England are going to be a good side for a few years.
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    Should add that the only downside to the tournament IMHO has been teams celebrating victory without a thought for the etiquette of the game. West Indies were poor today, England as bad after the New Zealand semi-final.

    There is a dignified way to win, and I'm afraid it is rather getting lost. Celebrate all you want - AFTER you have shaken hands with the opposition and they have left the field.
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    Sport has changed over the years - take this as an example ; same scenario in two games , won with a fifth down
    Only allowed 4 downs !
    1940. Winners decide to forfeit the game
    1990. Winners and governing body decide game not to be forefeited

    1940 :

    The Forfeit

    Officials discovered their error after reviewing the game films. Cornell's players, coach Carl Snavely, acting athletic director Bob Kane, and President Edmund Ezra Day, a Dartmouth alumnus, agreed that Cornell should send a telegram to Dartmouth offering to forfeit the game. Dartmouth accepted.

    Although there is some doubt whether the 1940 Cornell forfeit was "official" according to NCAA rules, the game is regarded as a 3–0 Dartmouth victory, instead of a 7–3 triumph by Cornell.[1] This is described as the only time in the history of football that a game was decided off the field.[by whom?]
    The New York Times NFL sports blog "The Fifth Down" is named in part after the incident in this game.

    1990 :

    Colorado football coach Bill McCartney, a former Missouri Tigers player, did little to soothe the controversy. Asked whether he would consider forfeiting the game, McCartney declared that he had considered it but decided against it because "the field was lousy." He complained about Missouri's notorious Omniturf artificial turf surface, which he said had caused repeated slips and falls during the game.[8]
    Missouri chancellor Haskell Monroe appealed to the Big Eight, arguing that since Colorado's game-winning touchdown had come on a play that should have never been run, Missouri should be declared the winner 31-27. However, he was rebuffed by Big Eight commissioner Carl James, who said in a statement that "the allowance of the fifth down to Colorado is not a post-game correctable error," and therefore Colorado's win would stand.[11]
    Closure came in the summer of 1998—four years after McCartney retired as the Buffs' head coach—when he admitted to making mistakes and being saddened by the Fifth Down fiasco. McCartney made the remarks at a Promise Keepersgathering at the site of the controversy in Columbia, Missouri.[12]
    Although Colorado was allowed to keep the win, Louderback and his entire crew were suspended indefinitely following the contest.[11]