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    That's quite an achievement for a franchised dealer, so fair play to them.

    ABP motorsport always go in for this (usually winning the national title) and effectively cheat. They send out email flyers saying that if you vote for them you can win.......
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    Well done to Crown Honda
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    Now you've won that perhaps Watford can win the premier league

    Sorry couldn't resist !

    HUK should look at how they operate and pass on the good practices to their other franchised dealers
    Is there an ofsted for franchised dealers OFSTIFD or the like , office for standards in franchised dealers

    Well done Crown let's hope the owners reward their team suitably well ! :beer :Drinks: :GoodJob:
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    ^^Funny, growing up in that area I can still remember that Crown added a little gold "crown" badge above the word "Honda" on the boot lids of cars they supplied. I wonder if they still do that...:Grin:

    I thought it was quite a nice touch :Tumbleweed:

    It's just starting to sink in that we are back in the top division...choosing a fantasy league team with Watford players!