Electrical & Lights Cruise Control Issues?

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by Daglefinger, Friday 4th Sep, 2015.

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    Hi wondered if anyone else has experienced similar issues with their cruise control that I'm experiencing with our 2013 SE Petrol manual?

    1. Set Cruise Control at desired speed, all is fine.
    2. Try to cancel cruise by pressing 'Cancel' button on steering wheel. Speed decrements by 1 MPH. (pressing 'Cancel' repeatedly may continue decrementing speed, or does sometimes operate correctly and cancel CC.
    3. Whilst CC isn't engaged, press 'Cancel'. Cruise Control selects previous set 'resume' speed. Further presses of 'Cancel' again decrement set speed in 1MPH steps.

    This issue has only recently started and sometimes works perfectly and other times it doesn't, there seems to be no pattern, plus I don't have 'fat fingers' and am definitely not pressing any of the adjacent buttons around Cancel.

    Our car is going to Blackpool Honda for some warranty work soon so I'll mention it then but just wondered if anyone else has seen / had the issue too?
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    Nether had any problems before in 8 years of owning Honda with CC.
    I would take it back to your dealer for a full HDS check to wile in warrenty as its sounds like a switch problem
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    Not an issue I've had or heard of, so definitely one to get the dealer to sort.