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    Hi all, I have decided to start a new thread with the process of this setup with a more apt title.

    This stage is simply about installing a Yatour to the stereo allowing playback of MP3's from SD cards and USB drives. The custom sat nav and trip computer will follow shortly as the parts arrive and I get round to building, fitting and documenting the process.

    1) Buy a Yatour that fits your car, I got mine from Amazon for £45

    2) Start pulling apart the centre console, remove the ashtray insert and pry up the gear lever surround.

    3) The ash tray surround is attached by 4 screws (3 on mine as one of the clips is broken), 2 behind where the ash tray insert used to be and 2 under where the gear lever surround used to be. I would recommend using a magnetic screwdriver as their in fiddly places.

    4) Now remove the centre console cover, this is held in by 2 black screws located underneath behind where the ashtray was, once removed genly pull the top away to release the clips.

    5) Now remove the storage compartment, this is held on by 2x 10mm bolts (above) and 2x 10mm nuts (below), once removed the compartment will come away easily.

    6) Looking under the car stereo (using the nice space you've just created) you should see the following white socket, this is where the Yatour plugs in (this may be different on your car depending on the stereo installed). Plug the Yatour cable in (it only goes one way) and connect the other end of the cable to the Yatour.

    7) Place the Yatour wherever you want it to be, I've put mine in the storage compartment with the wire tucked between the trim as a temporary solution, once the sat nav/trip computer is going in the Yatour will move a little.

    8) Put everything back together (reverse of removal) and check it all works, pressing the CD/AUX button once loads the CD changer, pressing it again loads the Yatour displaying CDC on the LCD.

    9) The temporary placement of the Yatour.

    Hope you enjoyed the start of this modification, although this isn't really much of a mod as nothing is custom built yet, but I promise things will get more interesting in time.

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    Nice going @TheVDM, but I think a good clean is somewhat overdue. :Whistle:
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    :Ermm: Cleaning... What's that, it sounds painful! Every time I get the hose out I forget that the car has an inside too, I think it was overdue last year :Messed:
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    I think mine gets done at about a 4:1 (outside:inside) ratio, so I'm guilty of forgetting too :Tongue:
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    I have gone out for a test drive using the sat nav/trip computer roughly in place of where I intended to mount it and it's unfortunately too low down and involves taking your eyes off the road for too long to glance at it. So back to the drawing board and I've come up with another idea which will naturally require me to buy some extra bits.

    Comming soon!
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    Did you have it placed underneath the climate control buttons ? I too had thought about putting something there but as you say its far too low down.
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    That's it, the plan was to mount the screen onto a board that folds out when you open the cubby compartment where the sat nav DVD unit would go. I've bought some bits for the next plan which will work but involves a bit more cutting and modification. Dare I say this but I will be using a part from a BMW, although on the plus side the BMW is being broken for parts so it's one less on the road :Grin:
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    Next update:

    I have been playing with the phone which will be used to form the trip computer/sat nav, I haven't taken too many pictures as it's a little boring, but here's a brief of what's happened.

    I started off with a nice standard Orange Monte Carlo bought off ebay for the grand total of £31 inc P+P.

    I then proceeded to root the phone to allow full control, installed clockworkmod to access the boot loader which allowed me to install a custom rom of CyanogenMod 11 (equivalent of Android 4.4).

    From here I removed and disabled everything that won't be needed, including all the phone, messaging functionality along with all the apps that come pre-bundled like google maps, the clock etc... etc... to give me a very basic operating system.

    I then installed AutomateIt free, this app allows you to create rules that automate your phones functionality on certain trigger events, the free version offers everything that I needed so their was no need to purchase the pro version. With automate it I created rules that turn on the GPS signal, Bluetooth and set the screen timeout to never when the phone is plugged in and rules that turn off the GPS signal, Bluetooth and set the screen timeout to 5 seconds when the charger is unplugged. Eventually the phone will be permanently connected to an ignition feed so this will turn everything on and off with the ignition. :Grin:

    Next I installed Softkey Enabler, another free app, this one simply adds the softkeys for home, back and to select open programs. Although this phone has physical buttons for these these when it comes to creating the housing this will allow me to bezel over the physical buttons.

    Now for some navigation software, for this I have chosen NavFree which uses open map data downloaded to the SD card, this means you can have assisted GPS without the need for an internet connection unlike google maps. On the down side it does mean you need to download the maps for each country you require, at present I only have a 2GB micro SD card in the phone which will eventually be replaced with a larger card (8GB or so) enabling me to install the full UK & ROI maps along with all the maps for mainland Europe (just in case I decide to go for a long drive one day).

    Now for the trip computer I installed Torque Pro, this is a great app for Android phones that enables you to connect your phone to cheaply available Bluetooth OBD II dongles to display engine information, view and clear codes etc... This app is £2.95 although I already had it on my account as I've been using it for a while on my phone.

    Finally I installed roation locker, another free app, all this one does is lock the phone in a specific rotation, this is used to lock the home screen in landscape mode rather than portrait.

    Here's some pics of the final product:
    As the trip computer (Instant MPG showing as 0.0 because I took the photo when I pulled over).

    The home screen, showing just the 2 apps that will be used and a nice Honda wallpaper :Grin:

    This is the apps list, this is absolutely everything that is installed on the phone to give you an idea of how stripped back it is.

    Now I'm just waiting on the parts arriving for the installation.
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    I'm going to be following this closely, I'm intrigued about how it'll turn out.
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    @Phil1978 I'm intrigued to see how it will turn out too. Hope it works and I'm not spending money to waste time :Messed:

    The next phase should hopefully be on by mid/end of next week once it's new home arrives through the post... I have also ordered a spare Honda centre dash panel just in case it doesn't work :Whistle:
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    Good stuff VDM. One question though, how come you didnt go for a tablet for bigger screen rather than going for a phone with a smaller screen ?

    Theres some pretty cheap Android tablets to be had out there.
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    Thank you, I originally had a Lenovo IdeaPad A1 7" tablet for the project, the original plan was to cut out the 2 small compartments above the ash tray and mount it behind there but it was too large, so next I decided to mount it on top of the dash but in my experiments it was too large and took a good chunk of the road out of view so I went back to the drawing board. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any 6" tablets with GPS so I went for the largest screen phone I could get on the cheap.

    I like the idea of running a tablet through an original sat nav unit, that would be a great solution for adding nav to a non nav car, the only concerns I would have about that would be using the touch screen to control the tablet and also having the display for the CD/climate control. Although I imagine the touch screen could probably be cut off and converted to USB for use on a PC or Raspberry Pi (one of the other options I have lined up, if all else fails I plan on getting a lower double din converter a Lilliput or similar 7" touch screen LCD and use one of the Pi's).

    Lets see how long I last with a 4 1/2" screen before I want something bigger :Ermm:
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    Sorry its been a little while on the updates, I've been a little pre-occupied recently. Here is a little more progress for you, also I decided against using the BMW compartment in place of using another Honda part, the lid from the cup holder seemed like a logical choice, that and it has the same trim as the rest of the car to go with that OEM look. Anyway here goes:

    Finding the space where the unit will fit

    Marking it out.

    Marking suitable cut lines on the cup holder.

    Lots of work with a stanely knife (that plastic is tough!)

    Re-marking the opening, so I know where to file the plastic to.

    I need to file out the hole in the dash panel to fit the lid of the cup holder through, I have also started modifying the cup holder so it no longer looks like a cup holder and more like a sat nav unit, but no photos on that yet, I'll add them once that part is completed.

    Work will probably holt for a little while as the MOT is due in a couple of weeks so i will be spending spare time ensuring everything is up to scratch to hopefully get a first time pass.

    More on this later...
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    Wow, some hefty (and brave) surgery going on there.

    Looking forward to further updates.
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    Yeaah looking at this I'd be very scared if at the end of it was slightly off centre or the phone broke and because it was old couldn't source another that fit exactly, best of luck mate! :Smile:

    I will be keeping an eye out on how this pans out, I reckon where it is located, might be a bit of a stretch if in use continuously?

    None the less gj! :Wink:
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    Ahh, I'm not too scared about that as £13 means I'm actually hacking apart a replacement centre dash panel, the original one is still unmarked and fitted to the car where it will stay until it's swap over time, then it's going in the shed or loft so it can be reverted back to factory settings again :Grin:
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    Additional: Sorry didn't fully read the replies before posting, where the unit is going to be positioned will be a bit of a stretch to reach although it's about the only place the unit will fit, on the other hand I hardly use navigation and only set it while parked anyway. The display is mainly for showing live statistics like the instant MPG, if it breaks and I can't source a replacement that fits then it's back to square one and the original centre dash panel will get re-fitted.
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    Well its good you've kept the original centre dash! :Smile: wack a nexus 7 in there, that would be sweet :Wink:

    If it fits lol....