Bulletins & Advisories CVT transmission bangs and/or shocks during restarting after auto idle stop

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    Honda issued this TSB# HUK000000001167 for all Honda Civic FD3 for model years MY 2007 & 2008 dated the 02-07-2008

    After auto idle stop, when the engine restarts, the CVT transmission bangs and/or shocks.

    Because the setting of the start clutch oil pressure control after auto idle stop was not appropriate, the oil pressure of the clutch was excessive. Due to this high pressure the clutch does not engage smoothly.

    The setting of the start clutch oil pressure control after auto idle stop has been changed, so that the clutch engages smoothly.

    Application to Production Line
    All vehicles with a VIN after the one shown will have the countermeasure applied on the production line.

    Repair Method

    1. Confirm that you have HDS software version 2.014.011C installed on your HDS.
    2. Erase any DTCs that may be stored.
    3. Rewrite the PGM-FI and CVT control units.
    4. Run a DTC-check. "Hydraulic booster DTC 86 : F-CAN malfunction" may have been set by the rewriting procedure.
    5. Erase the DTC and re-run the DTC-check to confirm it is erased.

    Warranty Information

    Application : Normal warranty applies
    Causal part : 37820-RMX-E** (Refer to EPC for the VIN being repaired)
    Symptom code : 03504
    LON : 125517 - ECM/PCM update - FRT 0.4 hrs