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    Hi again chaps,

    Recently got hold of a full size spare, to replace the out of date TRK in the boot. When I lifted the trim and polystyrene out of the boot I was a bit concerned to see a lot of mould in the seam sealer, and general dampness in the area.
    Move forward a week or so, and there was a definite puddle forming in the spare wheel well. I'm a bit baffled as to where it could come from, do the sunroof drain tubes run into that area, or is there a common issue that I'm not aware of yet.

    Some pics

    P1080411.JPG P1080411.JPG P1080412.JPG P1080413.JPG

    I look forward to any advice I can get!

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Jack the car up and look underneath the wheel well to see if you can locate the source.
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    Sorry to see this @acerif and I'm interested to know the cause of this.

    It appears to be fairly clean water so that may show it's not a massive problem, I mean it hasn't caused corrosion, as of yet. Could it get in via the rear wiper pivot where it passes through the rear window? I'd expect the carpet and tailgate trim to be visibly wet if that was the case though. I remember years ago the K11 Micra I had at the time suddenly started with water ingress through the tailgate and running out of the trim panel into the boot. Not a massive amount but enough to be readily noticeable. The root cause was the rear wiper spindle was slightly bent so it was enough to allow water to get around the grommet surrounding the spindle where it passed through the tailgate.

    The car had never been through an automatic car wash so all I can assume is some toe rag had tried to pull the wiper arm off and bent the spindle. Nissan dealer identified the problem and the solution was to replace the whole wiper drive and motor £240 (if I remember correctly) in 1999!

    I went to a local scrappy and got the same unit off a front end write off for £45 and fitted it myself. Was an easy job as all I had to do was remove the inside trim of the tailgate - dead easy on K11 as there were screws holding it in place and it was only a metal panel, then three bolts holding the unit in place in the tailgate and a plug in connector.

    Might be a bit harder on Accord tourer though as it passes through the glass rather than the tailgate and it's probably harder to get the trim off without damaging it especially if you don't have the right trim removal tools.

    What is under those grommets in the wheel well floor @Ichiban ? If they are removed can you see directly to the ground underneath? Just wondering if water could get in there if one wasn't seated quite right for whatever reason.

    I would definitely try and get it sorted before too long as soon there will be salt on the roads and that could mean salty water getting in there.
  4. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    The grommets look like the possible area but the rust line is on the seam join which leads me to believe it entering at that point. I suspect this car has had a minor rear end shunt and water is getting in from the seam of the top of the wheel well.
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    Just looked at the photos again and yes it looks like there is a slight rust line my mistake didn't notice that before. I was just going off the cleanliness of the water.
    Perhaps the seam may not have been fully sealed properly then.

    As you say it needs a good look from underneath.
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    Did we have a thread on here a while ago where water was getting in along a seam line ?
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    Just had a good look all over, can't see any evidence of rear end damage, or where it could get in. The mould seems to be all over the seam sealer, but I can't see the rust marks that have been mentioned.

    I think I'll either have to empty the boot out and have the lads soak it with the hose at work, or wait until a wet day and look then.

    Thanks for the suggestions so far chaps.

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    Although my experience won't necessarily apply to the Honda/Accord that you own but just to give you an idea of the possible causes so you can expand on the possible cause of this leak.

    During my hunt for my first car, I came across many many 1st Generation Yaris which had mouldy carpets in boot for some reason. I bought one and after rain it had about 2inches of water in passenger footwell. I looked at all grommets in floor but couldn't find anything. Turned out the rear lights had a bad seal and from there the water would leak in, run into the spare wheel well, some of it would run across the boot, under the rear seat and filled up in the rear passenger footwell.. I found this out by sitting inside the car with carpets out and asked my wife to pour water over the car with a large can ... new seals were too expensive so I just used clear bath silicone to make new seals and it never leaked again :Grin: Yours is a brand new Accord so I am by no means suggesting you do that.:Wink:

    So maybe check for seals around the boot lid area, check if brake lights are seated properly.
    Dry out the current water and maybe pour a good amount of water over the boot edges and look for the path water takes and see if you find any fresh water