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    Hi guys

    i have a CR-V with RDS Radio , what would it cost for a upgrade to DAB Radio can anyone let me know please and roughly the cost thanks Again
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    cheers for the reply
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    I have a Pure Highway add-on in my company motor (Ford) and it works very well with a mag mount antenna, Yes the UK network for DAB is poor, but the mag mount antenna works very well and very rare I lose signal.

    Just googled and it appears my model is discontinued now. I wouldn't be without it though for 5 live, Absolute 80's, Radio 4 extra and X-FM (sorry but I am a Chris Moyles fan).
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    HI ALL
    this subject may well have come up before but i am looking on eBay and and i just wanted to know the options on upgrading my radio in my CR-V 2012 , is it worth it and whats out there your advice most welcome is it expensive what are the costs thanks