Exhaust System Damaged Flex Pipe on Exhaust

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    Hi All...

    Sorry if this has been posted somewhere else, i did search through and couldn't find any similar posts...

    So i have a 99/T 1.8 saloon - its done 84k and had a new middle and back exhaust put on in 2011 (at about 70k)

    When i start the car it sounds OK...when i rev upto about 2000rpm i hear a nasty noise (raspy)...or when i start to drive and press the gas down a lot i hear a nasty noise..(it sounds like a bearing but its not - its a raspy sounding noise)

    I took the car to kwik fit who lifted the car and had a look. the exhaust looks good. but he said the flex pipe (silver mesh bit) is letting fumes out and thats making the noise...

    Does this sound feasible? What kind of cost am i looking at for this (kwik fit said 144 pounds..but should i let them do the work..) ...is there a cheap fix i can do myself for the time being?

    the MOT is due in a few weeks...the only advisory on the last MOT was clouded headlights...but i sorted them today! Using the 3M headlight restoration kit. it's awesome!

  2. Sounds feasible, the exhaust flexi joint went on my old 6th Generation, I replaced it with an aftermarket one as the Honda part is very expensive, £144 is well worth it to keep your car on the road.
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    Personally I would like to see it blowing for myself before parting with the cash, I would also get a quote from a local garage too,
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    Do you think it will fail the MOT?
  5. Yes a blowing exhaust will fail.