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    Anyone heard of similar?

    A Hyundia car, cold morning, owner attempts to start, nothing happens at all. Tries again, same. Thinks battery dead.
    Asks someone who has worked in garage (body shop side).
    Told to relock car using remote fob, unlock and attempt start - success.

    Sounds like immobiliser somehow activated and then reset by repeating lock/unlock procedure.

    But why did he go straight to that?

    Is this a well known (but not to me) phenomenon?

    Any similar Honda experience
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    Some immobilisers disable the starter motor. So the advising mechanic probably new this was the case on Hyundais.

    On Hondas, if the car is immobilised the starter will still turn the engine but there won't be any fuel going into engine so it won't start.

    Also on Hondas you won't get an immobiliser kick in anyway unless you have the wrong key or the transponder on your key has failed for some reason. So the above scenario is very unlikely.
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    Thanks for that info.
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    Hyundai technologies should never ever ever be compared to a Honda. Honda made by engineers , Hyundai made by committee LOL
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