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    Stopped getting hot or cold air through the vents. blower motor Fuse under the bonnet is OK. Seems fairly common for the transistor to fail so I popped into a scrappy and he let me try 2 used transistors but no success. I then applied 12v direct to the blower motor and it made some noise and it spun intermittently but was extremely weak. The motor is located under the glove box, simply pull the black panel under the glove box out. the ECU is directly under the blower and you need a deep 10mm socket to detach the ECU mounting frame from the body, you can then move the ECU down and remove the blower which is held by 3 Philips screws.Took the blower to an electric motor specialist who would recondition it for £35, unfortunately the commutator was knackered, which cannot be replaced so now looking for a used one off eBay, new motors are £280. For some reason used FR-V blower motors are £80+ . On one of my attached pics you can see the main blower part number is 3R230, this motor is shared by some other models such as certain Civics and they are a lot cheaper on eBay £20+. The Civic part numbers are not a 100% match but the motor + connector looks identical worth a shot I think.

    I'll let you know if the Civic part works.

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    That's great bit of investigation you did to narrow down the fault. Should be very interesting if the Civic part works... Keep us posted
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    Popped into a local scrappy that had a 2003 Civic and a Civic Type-R, he would sell me a blower for £35. The Type-R blower was not a match. The normal Civic blower had 3R230 on it and looked like a 100% match. Some of the numbers were different but that doesn't
    seem to matter as long as you have 3R230

    The Civic was on top of another car so I had to climb up into it while it was raining heavily and everything was slippy. it wobbled a bit as I did my work!

    The scrappy seemed impressed and knocked £10 off seeing as though I risked life and limb and got the part myself. I've attached a picture of the Civic part and a picture of the transistor that sits to the right of the motor.

    I hooked the blower up while Still at the scrappy and it worked and fitted perfectly.

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    Excellent! I found this forum on Wednesday when my fan stopped working. Thanks to this post I ordered a second hand part on ebay which I have just successfully fitted. Thanks! You've saved me a fortune. A fan and resistor was £39 delivered. It turned out it was the fan, not the resistor so if anyone needs one...!
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    PS. For reference the fan from my 2.2 2008 FR-V also had 3R230 on it and the resistor was 3R2307.
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    OK maybe it's a transistor but you know what I mean!
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    Great post excellent result you got sorted for cheap job well done

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