deer, impossible to kill, causes chaos

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    Just plain old simple ridiculous what on earth where they thinking! However sad to see so may Brit gaming company shut by their yank owners.
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    I find this level of weirdness hard to comprehend.
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    I think that Punk Rock is more difficult to comprehend LOL

    There is a big community of online game modding, most games can be modded. The main issue is then renting space on a server to run the modded game (although I think that there is a way to interface mods to the GTA servers)

    The chap who did this particular mod has his own website Brent Watanabe
    here are his projects Brent Watanabe : Projects
    and an impressive resume of "animated art" Brent Watanabe : Resume

    and his inspiration for using a deer on GTA ?
    The Humane Society of Seattle/King County, a great organization focused on saving and serving pets in need, regardless of age, ability, circumstance or geography. All proceeds will go directly to the charity (sadly only $127 raised so far)
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    So you're not interested in seeing Guttersnipe this evening in Telford (7:30 start)?
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    I'm still trying to recover from last time LOL

    where was their calendar/schedule again ?
    (maybe more HK people could attend)
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    there used to be a calendar/schedule, or was that a more generic one that I'm thinking of ?
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    Their Facebook page previously had a jpeg of upcoming gigs that I copied off and attached to an email for you. Currently there is no such image.
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    I've often wondered if I was missing something by not having a games console. Reading stories like this reinforces my belief that I'm really not...

    Anyway, a HondaKarma gig meet - now there's an idea. Billy has plenty of dates in 2016 - it's been far too long since I saw him live!

    Billy Bragg - Tours
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    ahh that's right, I remember now

    You'd be surprised how many "genres" of games that exist

    I think I'm a tad older than you, but I did used to like Action/shooter games (Doom, Quake, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty).

    I'm not sure if GTA is an Action-Adventure or Role-Playing genre, possibly both. I've seen my sons playing it.

    You probably don't realise, but you would like Adventure or Simulation or Strategy games. about 15 years ago one of my sons bought Pharoah which was far too complex for him, and I played it a bit. It was very interesting to try to balance an economy while preventing fires and being attacked by invaders :eek:

    Anyway, Billy Bragg looks interesting, a far cry from Punk LOL
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    I quite like Billy Bragg.
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    Billy Bragg it is then, but which venue/date ?