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    hello folks my name is dirk i am a retired truck fitter
    i have just bought for my family 2013 Honda Civic 2.2 es diesel i think it is the 2012 model though It has done 30770 miles
    we like driving the car very much it looks like it's going to take us a while to learn and use all the electronic gadgets
    I think like most people i joined this group to learn about our car and Honda's in general
    my car seems to take a while maybe 30 seconds or so for the oil light to go off from standing over night
    any other time during the day it is off before you can let go of the key
    Is this the norm for for this engine
    As a mechanic (retired ) my experience Tells the oil is running back over night and takes time to fill the oil filter that mounted is high up on the engine many times this was claimed by manufacturers and some times proven by myself to be none genuine oil filters with out none return valve fitted
    Any one know what the set up on this engine is
    I have just sold a Skoda Octavia with 1.9 diesel that had done 140000 miles and that oil went out before you could release the key
    Thanks for any help or information offered Dirk
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    Hello @myfirsthonda and welcome to HondaKarma.
    I am sure some of our expert members will answer you query but even to an untrained me it doesn't sound right that the oil light stays on for that long.
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    I certainly don't have your level of experince as a mechanic however my CTDi engine oil light goes out within a matter of seconds. The glow plugs warm up within a matter of seconds (2-3 max) and the oil light goes out upon starting within a second easily.
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    These oil filter do not have a non-return valve (even the ones from Honda) but I guess there must be one in the circuit somewhere... The oil pressure should only take a couple of seconds to go out! Do you know what oil is in the engine?

    Welcome to HK.
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    Hi folks
    As an answer to mickies reply to my problem
    I feel i should explain better we picked up the car last Friday i noticed it took along time for the oil pressure light to go out the following morning
    As you would expect this worried me
    but during the day the light went out as you expect it to do
    the following morning it did the same again I felt sure i heard the bottem rumbling till the oil pressure was up and running
    at this point i was really worried rung Honda agents i believe the salesman thought i was an idiot he came with o that's ok they are all like that
    after that retort i went and collared the service manager he reckons heed never heard of that before but offered me the chance to try some other hondas that had stood over night at the moment i have not taken him up on that offer
    he assured the oil and filter had been changed and to be fair oil oil looks quite clean but was unable to tell me what oil they put in
    I suspect it is one of the very thin synthetic type. but engine with just 30000 on the clock that should be fine
    Now as the mornings went by i noticed it was picking up oil quicker after standing over night
    Today being Tuesday got my stop watch timed it
    the pressure light went out exactly 4 second
    I am thinking some dirt has got lodged under the none return valve and this new thin oil is actually flushing the dirt out and i hope is being collect in the oil filter
    If it carries on like this may be it will be ok i certanly hope so
    thanks again for all help offered
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    It should've always had a 'thin' oil, specifically a 0w-30.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @myfirsthonda :welcome:

    Hopefully this was a minor issue now resolved.

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    :welcome: to HK Dirk. :Hey: