Delivery from Japan today

Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by Duc de Pommfrit, Thursday 21st May, 2015.

  1. Duc de Pommfrit Moderator Staff Team

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    So I'm replacing some of my older/missing CDs, not buying digital copies, the following arrived today from Japan, think an ex-girlfriend never returned my old copy.

  2. FirstHonda Moderator Staff Team

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    ^^ It still hurts that I lost my picture CD of "Provision" by Scritti Politti that way. :no:

    I bet she never even listens to it*

    *I think we broke up in 1990, not that I'm one to bear a grudge...:Angry:
  3. Eureka Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    I'm so glad its not just me with the aversion to downloads v cd's.
    I have boxes of cd's that my other half wants me to get rid of but I keep finding excuses not to.
    I have most/all of them that I have put onto my ipod for the kids to play/in the car (as soon as I get my headunit upgraded in the Honda) but I always tend to listen to the cd's in the house and still miss some of my early collection that went missing a while ago. Some of which I have never found again even as downloads.

    Saying that my other half wants me to get rid of my old separate's in the front room as they don't match to get a midi stereo that looks like it was designed after a car crash with strange button layouts and random flashing lights that mean nothing.
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    ^^ I love my (now 15 year old) Marantz KI Sig separates with B&W speakers. They aren't ever going anywhere :Smile:. Neither is my Technics twin cassette deck!

    I've got Sonos around the house, and it is very good, linked with my Spotify account. I also have the Sonos "amp" that allows me to stream through my main Marantz separates system as well.

    Whilst the sound quality is fine, you really notice the difference when you play the same track/album back to back streamed vs CD - the streamed versions nearly always sound "smaller" with less scale, with the sound coming from the speakers rather that creating the vivid soundstage and detail that the CD versions do. Some are better than others - I have tended to find that modern "pop" sounds better streamed, which I guess is no great surprise as I assume it has been produced to do so and with the technology in mind.

    BTW, I treat my CDs with Russ Andrews "Re-Veel" and "Re-Lees" - it really does make a difference, with far greater detail afterwards - so if you haven't tried it, I'd recommend you do.
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    My separate's consist of Sony cd, realistic graphic equaliser, Marantz cassette and tuner amp. My other half isn't keen on how they look but loves how they sound. I have a ipod input and yes you can tell between cd and compressed from the ipod but as you said some types of music/production make it less noticeable but for me some music just sounds flat and lifeless compared to the fuller quality from a cd.
    Having hearing loss doesn't help but I can still tell the difference.
    I hadn't come across the Russ Andrews products but can see a purchase at some point.