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    Honda starts receiving deposit cheques for its hotly anticipated hybrid NSX Demand for the new Honda NSX is so strong in the UK that the company has received 25 £5000 deposit cheques before it has even opened the order books.
    A formal deposit system for the car, which is set to arrive in 2015, is expected to be started later this year, but the company has been forced to take orders in advance from eager buyers.
    The NSX, which will not go into production for at least two years, will be built in the US where most of the car’s development is being undertaken.
    It will use a mid-mounted V6 coupled to an electric motor to drive the rear wheels, and electric motors driving the front wheels to give four-wheel drive.
    Honda's Super Active All-Wheel Drive system will also be fitted.


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    Lets see how many of the 25 will be converted into actual sales when the price tag is 145k