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    I'm looking to get a set of Denso wiper blades for my 2007 Accord EX 2.4 saloon. When I put my reg number in Eurocarparts I get just one Denso blade and even that isn't the right length (I measure my drivers side at 26 inch and passenger at 15 inch). Does anyone know the Denso product numbers for my Accord?

    I did manage to find another website that seems to list the right length blades, but even that has two types of drivers side (one possibly has a spoiler so I'm not sure which one to get).

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
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    OEM ones are around £10 for the pair - they will also fit correctly. I use Bosco Aerotwin ones on my car (not OEM), 26" and 16"
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    I ordered a pair of Denso blades from Eurocarparts 2/3 days ago (they have not arrived yet) as I live in Jersey, my reg number does not come up on this site (this is the same for tyre/halfords/car value etc sites) or any other as we are not part of the UK.
    So I entered the make/model etc and the site lists 3 - 2 right & 1 left, so I ordered the cheaper RHS blade.
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    Thanks all, eventually found a UK Denso catalogue with product numbers listed so managed to cross reference to the ECP website and ordered a set.
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    Could you share this catalogue ?
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    This is what I found eventually:

    E-Catalogue - DENSO

    Maybe I was being useless on Google search but it took me a while to find this catalogue. Many of the car parts websites would only list one Denso wiper or none for my car even though they did stock the correct wipers. I found that by typing my car reg into these websites wasn't as effective as maybe selecting a different year for my Accord, or even dropping the engine size to 2litre from 2.4litre and then the correct wipers would pop up.

    Anyway the wipers arrived today so I'll fit them and see how they go.

    (I ordered Denso DU-035R and DUR-065R in the end).