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    A few guys asked me to update you Accord Tourer which came with a few dents.

    The worst was in the centre-top of the roof just above the windscreen.

    My buddy who works for chips away rec: Jonathan: 07717 884 059. Jonathan is in St Helens but he came over to Southport.

    He came round on Sunday and did a very good job for a very reasonable charge. He uses a selection of tools which go behind the car's trim and 'poke and prod' the dent out.

    He rectified:

    1. Centre top dent (couldn't completely fix as it was virtually inaccessible). The prev owner carried a pole which came loose and whacked the top-centre.

    2. Tailgate slight dents to left of "H" emblem (totally gone)

    3. Wife's galaxy with shopping trolley gash (totally gone. It came free with car so can't blame the missus)

    He did a top job and 2 and 3 disappeared. 1, is still there but minor residual.

    The lot came to <£90 which was very reasonable. A whole lot more at a bodyshop.

    I can't rec him highly enough. I don't know him except through a recommendation.

    Top job.

    I should have taken some before and after pics but I forgot.
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    Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is ace I have used a local man for a few years and its highly recommended.
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    I think I'll be ringing this guy. I have a couple of dents I want sorting on my 7th Generation tourer. Both rear doors, one was my fault the other came with the car.