Introductions Deposit paid on 2009 2.2 Accord I-Dtec Ex

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    Hi folks,

    On Saturday I paid a deposit on a 2009 2.2 Accord I-DTEC Ex

    We can't collect it until September 25th (waiting for a cash lump sum from work) so its going to be a long wait! Currently driving a 2005 1.4 petrol 5 door Civic.

    We are part exchanging the Civic for the Accord.

    Test drove the Accord twice now, and she is in amazingly good condition and has very low mileage on the clock at 33803.

    60% yokohama tires on the back, 80% Goodyears on the front. The only fault we could find with the car was the speakers are blown and the dealer is going to sort those. Really love the spec of the car, it will be a lovely step up from our Civic.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello and say thanks for the valuable resource the forum is. I've attached the pictures from the dealers web site. I'll post more when we get the car.


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    Nice one Mick.Looks like a nice car,enjoy it.
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    Congrats ! She looks good.
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    Thanks - the pictures don't really do her justice - i brought a friend to help me look at it last week and he had looked at the pictures beforehand and said it looked much better in the flesh! really happy with the condition of the car the paintwork hasnt a mark on it, all electrics seem fine and there isnt any major wear on the interior. I was hoping to go for a 2010 but the low mileage and high spec on this car really drew me to it.. The dealer said it was a company car owned by a guy driving from home to the office.. hence the low mileage.. i know that can be a double edged sword with a diesel but he is giving a 6 months warranty and she will be nct'd for 2 years so i shouldnt have any major expense with her for the next 24 months hopefully!