Bulletins & Advisories Describe that Noise on your car?

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    One of toughest challenges is to correctly identify noises when someone asks for help on a noise-related problem on the forum. This is a pretty good list of noise names, along with matching descriptions, but those noise names don’t always match but this list does help speed things along and ensure you get an accurate repair.

    Noise Name Sounds Like . . .

    Banging Slamming a wooden screen door
    Bonging Striking a large gong
    Booming Distant thunder
    Buzzing A swarm of bees
    Chafing Rubbing dry hands together
    Chattering Windscreen wipers sweeping a dry windscreen
    Chirping A cricket calling
    Clacking A train rolling down a track
    Clanging A cow bell or dinner bell ringing
    Clanking Dropping a heavy wrench on a concrete floor
    Clapping Patting your hands together
    Clashing Striking a pair of cymbals together
    Clattering Dropping wood blocks on a concrete floor
    Clicking Flipping a light switch on and off
    Clinking Empty bottles hitting each other
    Clunking Slamming a heavy wooden door
    Cracking A tree branch snapping loose
    Crackling Logs burning in a fireplace
    Creaking Swinging open a rusty-hinged gate
    Croaking A bullfrog calling
    Crunching Walking on gravel
    Droning A small plane flying in the distance
    Drumming Nervous fingers tapping on a desk
    Fluttering A flag flapping in the wind
    Grating Raking a shovel over pavement
    Grinding A garbage disposal running in a sink.
    Groaning Stepping on old floorboards
    Growling A guard dog ready to attack
    Gurgling Water going down a bathtub drain
    Hissing Air leaking from a trye
    Hooting An owl calling
    Howling Wind blowing through a cracked open door
    Humming A high-voltage transformer at work
    Jingling Loose coins in your pocket
    Knocking Rapping your knuckles on a wooden door
    Moaning Blowing across the mouth of an empty jug
    Oil-canning Flexing a metal petrol jerry can
    Pattering Rain drops hitting a window pane
    Pinging Marbles rolling around in a can
    Popping Opening a champagne bottle
    Pounding Slamming your fist on a desktop
    Rapping A gavel striking a sound block
    Rattling Shaking a box of loose candy
    Roaring A raging river
    Rumbling Clothes tumbling in a dryer
    Scratching Rubbing two pieces of sandpaper together
    Screeching Running your fingernails across a chalkboard
    Slapping Hitting the water with the flat side on an oar
    Squeaking Walking across a hardwood floor with wet shoes
    Squealing Tryes making a hard, fast turn
    Ticking A mechanical clock keeping time
    Whining A distant siren
    Whistling A tea kettle at full boil
    Zapping A short, quick buzz
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    Thanks mate, great thread! Very helpful (even for native Englishmen), let alone us foreigners :Smile:

    My noise is definitely whistling, or a combo of whining and whistling...

    I already named the sound that way in a separate thread.
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    What's this Name that Tune ha ha ha.
    I'll name that noise in two?????
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    Mines not on there, basically when the revs get high it suddenly goes BWWWAAAAHHHH :Smile:
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    My rear shocks are of the squeaky variety but only for the 1st 20 seconds or so then silent. :Grin:
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    Don't let my wife see this list, in her mind this pretty much describes me!
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