Electrical & Lights Diagnostic tool damaged electrics.

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    I could do with a little help from the experts. For some time I've been using a copy of the Honda HIM, I connected it today and it has damaged the system. The lesson has been learnt, and so I post this both as a warning to others, and to ask for help.

    I'll accept now it wasn't the smartest move, so don't need too much vilification here. Whilst it worked (I've been using it every so often for about 3 years), it seemed a good thing to have, now it definitely doesn't.

    If you are considering getting any kind of 'copy' diagnostics hardware, please learn from my misfortune and don't, it really can damage your car.

    With that out of the way, the symptoms are that the dash lights flash when the ignition is turned on, and the LCD display is lit up but blank. After a few seconds the lights settle down and the LCD gives a display, but won't cycle through the options. When I try to start the car, the lights flash again and there is a rapid clicking sound from somewhere inside the cabin.

    The car is a 2006 , 2.2 I-CTDI.

    Do those symptoms point to anything obvious? I'm wondering if it may be the instrument cluster itself that's been damaged.

    Any ideas where to begin to resolve this? I'd like to try and sort it myself without taking it in to the dealer if possible, and looking around there seems to wealth of knowledge and expertise here.
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    Hi billy,

    Welcome to the club albeit in a difficult time.

    What hardware have you been using with your HD software and what were you doing before things went pear shaped?
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    Thank you for warm welcome.

    A few days ago I had the VSA warning light appear, and connected the HIM (a Chinese clone of the Honda HIM), to get the fault code. I was thinking it may be a wheel sensor, or the ABS pump/ECU module, and needed the fault code to know what to do.

    I was literally just connecting the same as always, except had both the green and orange flashing on the HIM as soon as I plugged in to the diagnostics port. At the same time the dash lights began flashing. It had never done that before, so I waited a few mins to see it would settle down, it didn't, and then turned the ignition off.

    The cloned HIM is now definitely faulty because if I power it up on the mains PSU, the green/orange lights still just flash, and there is no connection to my PC.

    So I'd say it went faulty as I connected it to the car, doing some damage at the same time.

    I'm thinking the dash ECU is where the problem is, and may be revived with a reflash, but that is only a guess really. I've disconnected the battery and will leave it overnight, wondering if it might just return normal when I connect it back in the morning, but not hopeful.
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    You can reflash the HIM from the PC I think, this may sort it.
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Unfortunately the HIM is now permanently faulty, it won't communicate with the PC, so I don't have that option.
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    Clicking noise when trying to start sounds like faulty battery have you got a good spare you can try
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    Normally I'd agree, I can confirm though in this case the battery is good. The HIM has damaged some electrical system, I'm thinking its the instrument panel, (given the flashing display and lack of proper LCD display too), which may not be communicating properly with the immobilizer.I think I need to get a mobile electrical/ECU specialist out who has a genuine HIM or later Honda diagnostics to see what's damaged.
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    I do appreciate the replies, thank you. I'm getting someone to come out and connect genuine Honda Diagnostics, so I'll update when he's been.

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    I replied to your helpful suggestion, but its not appeared.

    I can confirm the battery is good in this case, I'm thinking the cloned HIM has caused the problem with one of the control systems, maybe effecting the immobilizer?

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've cleared the problem by flashing the ECU. No more weirdness on the instrument panel/LCD display and car started.

    I also managed to get the PC to communicate with the HIM, ran the self test diagnostics which ends in failure, with a code 190, which is something to do with the DLC side of the hardware. Shame as it was handy to have around.

    I still have the VSA light on, and now I'm unable to read the fault code. I'll probably assume its the ABS/ECU module, as that seems the most likely reason on this model and send it off for rebuild and repair.

    Well now I'm here I'll see if I can contribute.
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    The rapid clicking sound when trying to start the car is usually the relays opening and closing. Exactly the same happens when the battery is flat, but obviously your battery isn't flat in this case.
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    The cloned HIMs always have problems connecting, I think the trick is connect to car first, then power on HIM then connect to PC. I can't remember for sure though but there is definitely a order that it needs for it to connect.

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    How did you have the ECU flashed ?