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    Anyone familiar with the diagnostics menu? I entered it in order to drop back to a previously used sat nav dvd as I was getting disk reading errors on a replacement one. Managed to do this but could not get out of the menu, stuck on a part that required choosing between left or right handle. Anyone know what this refers to please? I have now been able to exit the menu but I am curious for future reference. Is there any info available on the diagnostics menu? I appreciate it is for the dealer really but it is nice to enhance understanding and knowledge of the vehicle.
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    I think that may be Japlish For left- or right-hand steering wheel. I think it's steering handle in Japanese.
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    Yes that checks out thanks. I entered "steering wheel" in google translate , then used the result to go back to english and it gave "handle". At the time I thought it may mean left or right hand drive but because choosing either option failed to let me proceed I started to doubt it. I had another go and then realised that it was waiting for me to test the microphone. As soon as I completed that, the option to exit appeared. So problem solved now.
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    Actually, that vaguely dings a dong...I think it hands the overhead microphones (the pair being used for the noise-cancelling hardware), rather than changing the display.