Exhaust System Diesel active regeneration?

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    Hi all,

    I was driving down a duel carriage way yesterday, when I realised that the engine seemed a little louder than usual, and MPG was below normal.
    I assume that some sort of active regeneration was occurring.

    Unfortunately I had to stop and switch off the car and drop my son off.
    Whilst the car was switched off, I could hear some sort of activity from under the bonnet. Assuming that regeneration cycle was still happening, I jumped into the car and headed for nearest motorway where I could trash the engine for 30 mins.
    However soon after restarting the car, MPG seemed normal. In any case I still went on a long drive.

    I checked the oil today, and the level hasn't changed.

    So questions :

    Was active regeneration taking place, even though there was no light on the dash?

    Had I done the right thing in restarting the car and heading for a motor way?

    Are there any bad consequences to what I have done?

    What should I do in future if I find a regeneration cycle to be in action, and I can't let it complete because I have to end my journey?

    I would appreciate thoughts from people how have experiences of DPF regeneration.

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    Perfectly normal.

    The fan is likely what you heard after the engine was switched off (heat etc). No need for the m-way blast either. 4th Generation diesel CR-Vs are very efficient at re-gens and you would be hard pressed to know its even happening. And FYI, when re-gens happen, there is no light to inform you that its happening.

    It just happens. Its the way its supposed to work. Do not worry. Enjoy!
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    Thanks Dark Knight, it puts my mind at rest.
    I have to confess I am a little paranoid about the DPF.
    I really short of bought a petrol according to my usage (lots of short journeys), but I like the proffered the performance of the diesel and I do give it a weekly m way blast.

    I have had the car since April, and fingers crossed no real issues yet.
    I love driving the car, such a smooth experience.
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    Lower trip MPG and car holding a lower gear when at cruising speed are telltale signs of regen in progress.
    If regen was in progress prior to switching off engine, the fan will continue to run and you will hear metallic sounds as exhaust system cools and contracts (perfectly normal). I don't know if regen would resume if interrupted, but I would imagine not. If I am aware regen is in progress, I keep driving for another 10mins before switching off.
    I've got into the habit of checking engine oil level after I've filled up with fuel, so I know it's regularly checked.
    Trashing the car won't improve DPF reliability or force a regen, and unnecessarily heavy acceleration will lead to more regens (of course one man's unnecessary is another man's necessary).